Our family loves Feel Good Syrup! So much so, that my three-year-old and four-year-old fight over who gets to drink theirs first. Personally, I love the taste and found that it gives me more energy and keeps the sniffles to a minimum when I start to feel a cold coming on.
— L.M.
I moved away from Edmonton, AB 1.5 years ago and Feel Good Syrup is the one thing I miss the very most!!! I had some frozen “lozenges” before I moved but ran out over the Winter. My young son was sad that his “black juice” was officially gone and I was devastated to be without my Syrup! I’m so excited to see the growth you’ve had and that you can ship to me in Regina, SK”
— S.A.
This syrup has been amazing! We have lessened the severity of two illnesses this season for my daughter and it’s kept the rest of the family completely healthy when I was sure we’d catch it too! It tastes absolutely delicious.
— N.W.

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